VIDEO: Eva Polna commented on the speech of the star of the show “the Voice”

ВИДЕО: Ева Польна прокомментировала выступление звезды шоу «Голос»
The singer called the speech by Tatiana Shamanina heartbreaking.

On the set of the show “the Voice” continue to light up new stars. Song of group “visitors from the
The future” “lack of love” performed by Tatiana Shamanina caused a real
a flurry of comments online. It all started with the fact that Dima Bilan and
Polina Gagarina admitted that he “fanateyut” from creativity Guru
Groove Foundation (group leader for 7 years, is
Tatiana). The musicians perform copyrighted material Samanidou, calling your
the genre of “intelligent dance music”. In the Russian “music
get-together” the group has been known for a long time. After a couple of days after the broadcast,
your comment on the speech of Tatiana gave herself Eva Polna — author and
the singer of the song “Dislike”.

frankly, I am one of those authors-performers who rarely
allowed to rehearse and Refine his material. In the case of Tanya
the situation is different, — said Eva. — I’m familiar with the creativity of the band Guru Groove Foundation
for a long time. The children participated as a guest star in my solo
concert in Crocus, where he performed his version of one of my songs. I
it’s nice that Tania originally performed this difficult for the singer
the song “Dislike”. Bright, sincere, I would even say
heartbreaking! I sincerely wish her success as a solo performer
Shanyana and of course winning the Voice!”

Tatiana Shamanina

Photo: the First channel