VIDEO: Elena Yakovleva turned into an old woman

ВИДЕО: Елена Яковлева превратилась в старуху
She played in kinoskazka Baba Yaga.

ВИДЕО: Елена Яковлева превратилась в старуху

Elena Yakovleva

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Elena Yakovleva in the role of Baba Yaga

Get a role in a movie for the kids dream of all without exception
actors. Therefore, Konstantin Lavronenko and Elena Yakovleva said Yes without hesitation
to play in Disney movie and Yellow, Black and White “Last hero” of Koschei the deathless and Baba Yaga, well
understanding that make them virtually impossible to read.

However, Yakovleva has a huge experience of reincarnation
use of prosthetics, which she received on the set of the series about
clairvoyant Vanga. In the new film Elena, too, to know is that
the characteristic timbre of the voice.

The role of the protagonist Ivan is played by the star of the TV series “Kitchen” and
“Hotel “Eleon” Viktor Horinyak. He by chance moved from modern
Moscow in a fantastic country Belogorye. In this parallel world the characters live
Russian fairy tales, magic is an integral part of everyday life and controversial issues
decided by a battle on giant swords. Unexpectedly, Ivan finds himself
the center of the struggle of light and dark forces, but I’m not sure why the main role in
the events, according to General opinion, is destined to him.

The film also busy Ekaterina Vilkova, Evgeny Dyatlov, Alexander
The Semchev and Sergey Burunov.