ВИДЕО: Елена Темникова представила клип на новую песню «Вдох»
The video was directed by the famous Alan Badoev.

To premiere new music video, the representatives of show business
now are almost like in Hollywood. The stars are intriguing, publish
the video features footage from the shooting. So, and Elena Temnikova has long held in
suspense his fans before the release of the video for the song “Breath”.

Alan Badoev and Elena Temnikova

Photo: Instagram Elena Temnikova

And if the music in the video is 100% Temnikov
no surprises and experiments, here is the video quite similar to what
previously filmed Badoev. The Director is famous for the fact that all of his work — almost
short films, drama, recognizable style. But “Breath” is unchecked
in the style of minimalism, without large-scale scenery and computer graphics.

However, Temnikova and one so effectively looks
the frame that the Director was absolutely right, inventing just such a concept for