VIDEO: Elena Temnikova became ill before a concert

ВИДЕО: Елене Темниковой стало плохо перед концертом
The singer jumped up pressure due to heavy stress and fatigue.

Elena Temnikova

Elena Temnikova became ill before a concert
the singer, despite not being very good mood, gave in Vladivostok. “I
so much blood-pressure”… — said the singer in Instagram-stories. Star associates
crashing your body with incredible stress I experienced today is not
only she, but her entire team. It happened because of the snowstorm in Vladivostok
who intervened in the plans of the citizens and visitors of this city.

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“I’m sorry for my sluggish speech. The force does not
left. To even speak. We are all stressed today because of the cyclone! says
Elena. — Someone walked 5 hours on foot. Someone 9 hours by car. Someone flying from
another city, and then stood motionless in traffic, not knowing the city. But we
could. We met. And we did it. Our buzz. Our evening and then night.
Because this weather force majeure brought us together”.

We will remind, a powerful cyclone that struck the city, caught
star in the road — the singer was on his solo concert in this city, is scheduled
as part of the tour. Artist three and a half hours trying to get the car in
concert hall to her waiting audience, but the result was forced, leaving
a car to walk. Your adventures the singer shared in a microblog.