VIDEO: Elena Sparrow overcame the fear of heights

ВИДЕО: Елена Воробей поборола страх высоты
The actress took the video on a precipice.

ВИДЕО: Елена Воробей поборола страх высоты

Elena Sparrow’s father

Photo: Courtesy E. Sparrow

On holiday in Spain Elena Sparrow decided to test his strength and shot a video for the edge of the abyss. In a small video she told you why she decided to do it my whole life and suffer from fear of heights.

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To rest the Sparrow flew away with the father: “With my busy touring schedule, unfortunately, very little time remains to communicate with
family. And sometimes want to drop everything and fly aimlessly, taking the Pope,
and daughter and my sister with the children.

This time we got to Spain (the country I love, been here many times). How nice to fly away from the cold, almost winter of Moscow and a few days to bask in the sun!”

Elena Sparrow

Photo: Courtesy E. Sparrow