VIDEO: Dmitry Shepelev exposed the illegitimate daughter of a Muslim Magomayev

ВИДЕО: Дмитрий Шепелев разоблачил внебрачную дочь Муслима Магомаева
The results of the DNA examination published in the Studio of “actually”.

ВИДЕО: Дмитрий Шепелев разоблачил внебрачную дочь Муслима Магомаева

Muslim Magomayev

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Topic talk show on the First channel now leading Dmitry Shepelev, every day increasingly affect those problems which were raised in “Let
say” Andrey Malakhov. It would seem that a new leader, a different format, of course, but the principle is the same. For example, the character of the air was 22-year-old
Veronica Korotkov, who claims that she the illegitimate daughter of Muslim Magomayev.

Dmitry Shepelev

Photo: Mark Steinbock

In a scandalous story, originating in the mid-90s,
was implicated Alla Pugacheva and Alexander Buinov. According to Irina
— mother of Veronica, in that day, when acquaintance was made with Magomayev, she
friends vacationing in the bar of the hotel “Savoy” and they decided to get acquainted
with celebrities. Indeed, in the same bar were Pugacheva, violent and
Magomayev. Version women, they soon Muslim went up to her room,
moreover, the musician called himself a Frenchman Andre…

After the birth of his daughter Irina assured everyone that her father
considers Magomayev. Veronica herself several times tried to call
him, but only hung out with Tamara Sinyavskaya. Of course, the wife Magomayev took
the conversations as a joke.

Dmitry Shepelev and experts decided to look into this
situation. In the Studio invited the brother of the musician. Yuri Magomayev admitted
he is not afraid of the contenders for the inheritance, but, like all members of the family, wants to know
the truth. For a DNA test, handed over his own son, the nephew of Muslim Magomayev.

Although the results were disappointing for Veronica
(she is not the daughter of a singer!), the girl and her mother believe that they were deceived. Experts
explained by the fact that Irina is the psychological makeup of people who live with
own truth, even if it has no relation to reality.

Meanwhile, it became known that the First channel has left
one presenter. Follow Andrey Malakhov place of work was replaced by Alexander Oleshko.
Showman will lead a new program on NTV channel.