VIDEO: “Disco Crash” took the actual video for cold summer

ВИДЕО: «Дискотека Авария» сняла актуальный клип для холодного лета
Anna Khokhlova, Alexey Serov and Alexey Ryzhov — especially for

As there were two popular musical group “Bread”
and “Disco Crash” — and why they decided to operate, not significantly
known. All the soloists tell a different version of this story. In this claim,
what was not suspected that the text and the title of the song “MOHAIR” can someone seem

The song was fun and recently it was removed
clip. Today was the premiere of the new video “MOHAIR” / Bread feat Disco
Accident. During the filming of soloists of the recorded videos from the site.

Bread & Disco Crash. On the set

Photo: press service

It is curious that the clip was part Angora, and not really
goats; steep a Ferrari California, a pool with hundreds of balls of mohair and
honored artist of the Soviet Union. The musicians claim that it is their dedication
to all mothers: “Because we love them and know how to warm up even cold in the summer.”