VIDEO: Diana Pozharskaya starred in her husband

ВИДЕО: Диана Пожарская снялась в фильме своего мужа
The actress shared her impressions of working together with Artem Aksenenko.

Diana Pozharskaya

Diana Pozharskaya got a new interesting experience and it has played
one of the main roles in the mystical series “Lapsi”, directed by
made her husband — Artem Aksenenko. The actress shared that initially reacted
the idea Artem to work together very skeptical.

“To be honest, because the Director of this project was my
the husband, initially I was reluctant to participate because, as shown by
practice, the spouses are very hard to work together on one platform — recognized
the star of the show “Hotel Eleon”. But I decided to take a chance and do not regret, because the role of
I loved it! Moreover, Artem immediately saw her as me and
I thought, at least read the script. In the end I was hooked so much that I
happy agreed”.

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“LAPSI” is a multi-part supernatural Thriller about what
incredible secrets and unexpected dangers may hide in “the land of a thousand lakes”
— The Republic of Karelia. The main role in the TV series, in addition to Pojarskii, played Maria Mashkova (“Black label”, “Closed space”), Daniel
Vorobyev (“the Demon of the revolution”, “Riviera”) and Denis Paramonov
(“Philology”, “Metro”). Exclusive premiere of the series on February 9 on video-service that was filmed by the company specifically for subscribers of the service.

The plot of “Lapsi” in the following: in the Karelian village discovered
strain atypical for the location of the disease — West Nile fever.
The head of Institute of Virology sends to the exploration of the epidemiology Virology
Faith Boyko and Nicholas Romanov. Links them with a past, and agree to
joint trip they are difficult. In search of the source of the virus, Vera and Nikolai
discover the symptoms of a deadly disease. When strange
the island SARIOLA she suddenly retreats, the difficulties are just beginning. Scientists
have to solve the mystery of this place, to comprehend the complicated rules of survival among
its inhabitants, to understand their relationship, which ended many years
ago, and find a way to go home, because when you try to escape the symptoms
fever returned. — the first video service from a leading Russian
film and television content producer Studio Yellow Black and White. The service offers
users worldwide the most anticipated TV projects, the main cinema event
year and original series in the Russian language, created specifically for their
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as a Full HD1080, no ads or additional fees.

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