ВИДЕО: Дочь Светланы Лободы пошла по ее стопам
7-year-old Eva was struck by the vocal talent.

Photo: Instagram

In early April, the daughter of Svetlana Loboda will be only 7, but she never ceases to amaze the public and private mom talents. Now she along with Eva and a few close people live temporarily in Los Angeles. The last six months Svetlana has worked hard, toured the cities of Russia and near abroad, and so spent with his daughter not so much time as I would like. But now, when the Quinoa was a bit in the holiday associated with the upcoming birth of her second child, the singer plans to catch up.

Every evening she personally puts eve to sleep. And before going to bed mom and daughter can’t stop talking… to sing! Evangelina (this is the full name of the girl) struck the mother with his vocal talent, trying to do a real vibrato. She, of course, not much happened. Svetlana couldn’t even stop laughing! But fans appreciated the vocal daughter of the stars, noticing that she probably also will become a singer. And it is possible that even more famous than her mother!

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Loboda such far-reaching plans about the career your child is building. Time will tell, I wonder if eve will do it. While thoughts of the singer is impending motherhood.

The baby will be born in late April-early may. Svetlana flew to USA to give birth there. together with his team and loved ones. Loboda took for his family a large house in Los Angeles with a pool and a huge terrace, which offers a great view of the town — house stands on the hill.

It is not known who is waiting for the singer — boy or girl. The baby will be exactly 7 years younger than his older sister, eve. It is not So gave birth in April 2011 in Kiev from her lover, a dancer named Andrew King. After some time Andrey and Svetlana broke up, but maintained friendly relations for a common daughter.

As for the father of the child who will soon appear on the light, it is also a mystery. Over the past year, Loboda assured fans that her heart is free, and she’s not Dating anyone. Only last summer she was spotted in the company of the lead singer of Rammstein — Till Lindeman. They then “attributed to” the Roman, but no one has officially commented on their relationship. The fans hope that she soon will introduce them to your beloved, and even better — play with it wedding.