VIDEO: daughter Elena Temnikova auditioned for the “Dancing”

ВИДЕО: дочка Елены Темниковой прошла отбор в «Танцы»
Little Sasha has captivated fans of the singer.

Seventeen-month-old daughter Elena Temnikova — she has had a home audition in the show “Dancing”. The singer shot touching and nice video with her heiress dancing to a song from his famous mom. Little Sasha really captured the rhythm, and in the end flashed his charming smile. Heart the jury in the form of Temnikova was melted. “You’re on “Dancing”… My heart is dancing!” — signed entry Elena.

It is curious that when our baby turned one, the singer decided to shave my bald Sasha. She did it probably in order to hair her daughter had grown even more dense and beautiful. By the way, Temnikova trying not to be separated for a long time with my daughter, care about where it takes all my free time.

Elena Temnikova with daughter Sasha

Photo: @Instagram lenatemnikovaofficial Elena Temnikova