VIDEO: Cornelia Mango again wearing a wedding dress

ВИДЕО: Корнелия Манго вновь надела свадебное платье
The singer spouse were married in the Church of St. Nicholas.

Cornelia Mango and her husband Bogdan took the decision to legalize
your marriage not only before the law but also before God. The official ceremony
the wedding was in June, and married young, only six months later.
The sacrament was held in the Church of St. Nicholas, where once baptized
Bogdan. Moreover, here already five years old are the mother and aunt of the groom.

Cornelia Bogdan

Photo: instagram

“Father Bogdan knows since childhood, and this Ordinance
really rallied our family, — said Cornelia. — In such a big holiday I want
to tell that for us the wedding! This summer we had a wedding, but
the wedding is a small step in the marriage life! Since all marriages are made in
heaven, I was very nervous this day, but with me was my husband and of course my
big family! In the Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker everything was perfect! All
love and happiness! with God!”.