VIDEO: Christina Aguilera has gathered a stellar children’s party

ВИДЕО: Кристина Орбакайте собрала звездных детей на главной вечеринке года
The singer celebrated the Grand daughter’s birthday.

On the eve of the stars of show-business with his children “walked” at a party in honor of Claudia Zemtsova, daughter Kristina Orbakaite. The singer organized the celebration of the birth of a daughter in one of the elite Metropolitan institutions. The birthday girl and her little guests were met at the entrance to restaurant entertainment, which occupied the kids throughout the evening.

Most of the invitees were relatives of Aguilera. Alla Pugacheva came to congratulate her granddaughter with her husband, Maxim Galkin and children, Harry and Lisa, who long ago became friends with Claudia. By the way, the Diva have the birthday girl not only a beloved grandmother, but also the godmother. Noticeably grown children of Philip Kirkorov Martin and Alla Victoria also came to have fun in the company of Claudia.

Not missed the party and a close friend of Christine singer Jasmine, who came in the company of the daughters of Margaret. Incidentally, the actress barely had time for the holiday, because she came back almost off the plane. One day ago she, along with her little son Myron was basking in the rays of the spring Spanish sun.

Among the guest stars were also observed Yulia Proskuryakova. She really came without Veronica, as she is still too small for such noisy activities.

It is worth noting that the five-year Claudia was the real star of the evening. She had a lot of fun with his many friends were partying on the dance floor and, as befits a true fashionista, replaced two outfit for the evening. Even Claudia actively participated in competitions and master-classes for children conducted by the animators.