ВИДЕО: бюст Юлии Началовой привел в ужас её фанатов
The singer was criticized for the overly curvy.

Julia Nachalova

Photo: @Instagram Yulia julianachalova Nachalovo

Yulia Nachalova recently participated in a provocative photo shoot. The singer shared on social networks a unique backstage video made during the filming. Viewed a video the fans were very confused by the new way Nachalovo. This happened due to the fact that Julia decided to show the fans their form, and, in the opinion of the subscribers, greatly overdone in this lesson.

To make your photos look even more impressive than in real life, the singer with the help of the corset made my Breasts. As can be seen in one of the photos appeared behind the video bosom Nachalovo the result of cunning manipulation barely fit in the dress and strove here to “jump” from there. “What is this horror? Bad choice of outfit…”, “little Dress, ugly!” — posted by subscribers.

Recall that in the autumn it became known about the separation of Nachalovo with civil husband Alexander Frolov. Yulia has not yet managed to fully recover from the break. Not so long ago the singer told the fans that would like to get rid tattoo made in honor of Frolov.