ВИДЕО: Григорий  Лепс рассекретил свою вторую семью
The musician is preparing for the New year with friends.

New year Beyonce made a fabulous gift millions of its
fans and made their dream come true
to see how and where he lives and how he lives his… “second family”!

Leps rarely gives interviews and is reluctant to talk about his private
life. So the country house of the singer on Novorizhskoe highway is opening its
door only to her closest friends and colleagues.

at this time, a glimpse into the Holy of holies will appear at all without
exception: it is in the house of Grigory Leps were shooting new year
the clip, which was attended by himself, the friendly host, all the artists
its Production center and even daughter Inga! This is the second family
Grigory Leps — his “children”, a talented and promising high hopes
actors: Sharif, Niko Neman, Alina Grosu, Ramadi, Tatiana Shirko, Nicholas
Daniel Timokhin and blizzards. These guys can not only work, but
relax to the fullest!

you are young and believe in the future that need to be happy? Roll around in the snow
laugh, decorate a Christmas tree, a barbecue, and then
to warm up with hot tea in the kitchen with your friends! And of course,
to come up with a wonderful Christmas song to share its magic
mood with all the white light. So, happily, joyfully and
carefree preparing for the New year, Grigory Leps and his
team! For the New year and… to the music festival “Christmas at Rosa

this festive “new year” the song opens which has become a tradition
Christmas festival of Grigory Leps, which next year will pass
the famous Olympic resort for the third time. From 4 to 8 January
guests and spectators of the First channel is waiting for a fantastic program
the participation of the audiences ‘ favourite artists — from the brightest stars
a new generation of Yegor creed and Nyusha to the masters of our platform Irene
Allegrova, Laima Vaikule and Valery Meladze, and of course, the Gregory
The Leps!