VIDEO: appeared the first pictures from the show Buzova on the Ground

ВИДЕО: появились первые кадры из шоу Бузовой на Первом
Olga took part in the revolutionary uprising.

Appeared first video footage of the show “woman’s rebellion”, which caused
a lot of noise because of the participation in the female response program “Prozhektorperiskhilton” Olga
Buzova. The star is one of the top five “Rebellion.” In announcing the video, filmed in the spirit
revolutionary unrest, the presenters of the programme are the main characters
faces a popular uprising.

Interestingly, Olga appears in the frame last comes
that is to say, “at the finish”, when her friend dashed down into the “Smolny”
and captured the Palace. “The next step is ours!” say Tatiana Vasilieva,
Elena Abitaeva, Sofiko Shevardnadze and Julia Baranovskaya. “Wait!” — shouts
Olga. — I also want to act!”

EXCLUSIVE: Olga Buzova made an official statement

This unusual structure leading selected specifically for
the concept of the TV show. It gathered a stellar women’s team will discuss
current events happening around the world. The premiere show will take place in
the near future. The first show of “Indian rebellion” will be held on November 27. Further
the issues will be aired on weekdays in the morning.