VIDEO: Anton Lavrentyev has solved the mystery show “the Voice”

ВИДЕО: Антон Лаврентьев раскрыл тайну шоу «Голос»
Musician and broadcaster celebrated the birthday with a solo concert in Moscow.

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One of the most prominent participants in the new season of the show “the Voice”
Anton Lavrentiev celebrated the 34 anniversary solo concert in Moscow club “16
tons”. was found
with the birthday boy for half an hour before his appearance on stage.

you this morning on facebook published
a verse that begins with, “Oh shit, I’m 34”. That’s a lot?

— Well, “verse”, it loudly, I
woke up at 10am and thought that it is necessary to write. I do such things
often, it’s a tradition — the birthday publish a kind of rhymed
thanks to the people. 34, I don’t know a lot or a little, it’s just 34, that after
33. I hope everything will continue to happen, it only gets better.

you look younger, but you seem so much wiser.

ВИДЕО: Антон Лаврентьев раскрыл тайну шоу «Голос»

— You know, it’s great that in my life
there was a project “the Voice”, because participating in it taught me yourself not
to evaluate. You just have to be in the moment and to give our best and fullest. Because
that no matter how much talked about the Julii Caesars, man, sorry, being
single-tasking. When you have twenty thousand cases, all done on the machine. And
only one thing is done deliberately. If I’m going to assess what I
young adult, it won’t work. Me, like any other person,
gets a huge number of personalities. Many different Antonov. One Anton
sometimes 5 years, and he’s right, the idiot. And sometimes serious Anton, who
Kant reading, and Schnittke does the reading. I’m me.

— You
the impression of the person vaccinated from the star
disease. How do you do it?

ВИДЕО: Антон Лаврентьев раскрыл тайну шоу «Голос»

ВИДЕО: Антон Лаврентьев раскрыл тайну шоу «Голос»

— When I started flying in the “eagle and tails”,
to be honest, a touch of stardom I probably appeared. But
thanks to my parents, my education and life lessons, nothing happened.
When I quit the program, everything had to start from scratch. I was lucky. Me
the life of a well “made” that I knew my place. Star fever is a disease.
In such cases, the person begins to think that he is better than others. Once
believe it, the problems begin. Because he puts his ego above all
others, and it is wrong. Here we are sitting in the room the four of us, and no one
no one is more important. Everyone does their job, and involvement of each person
depends, will get it or not, there will be wow or not. In General, life
me time “put” my head on the table, and now the “star” problems I have
no. And I understand that the artist — it is FOR the viewer, not Vice versa. He goes on
the scene, to share, to help, to show. He’s emitter, conductor, messenger.
I need for people to walk and to say “thank you come”, not
they are for me.

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