VIDEO: Anna Semenovich replaced image

ВИДЕО: Анна Семенович сменила имидж
The singer is preparing for the spring.

Anna Semenovich looking forward to spring and going to see her stylish, beautiful and happy. Especially because 1
Mar the singer’s birthday. On this occasion Anna went to the salon
beauty, where did hair extensions.

“Lovely girl, very soon the spring will open its arms, —
says the mayor. And we must be prepared! I love it when my wishes
true! Happy as a child. Dreamed of a new way to birthday, but
feared radical changes, because it is very sensitive to changes
in appearance and love the natural in all its manifestations. I am so happy
in the salon heard me and did exactly such a building, which
I wanted a delicate and harmonious. In addition,
I really don’t feel hair extensions, because the microcapsules brand

Anna Semenovich

Photo: @ann_semenovich (Instagram Anna Semenovich)

The fans were delighted with the transformation of Anna. “You
the most beautiful woman!”; “A dream girl”; “a Fashionable girl, you
this spring hair color”; “Beautiful! However, like always!” — signed photo
S. in the new style fans.