VIDEO: Anna Semenovich had a child

ВИДЕО: У Анны Семенович появился ребенок
The singer adding to the family.

Anna Semenovich decided on a serious step — got yourself a pet.
The singer chose a long time breed of dog, and even consulted with the fans in the end
stopped at the puppy Terrier. By the way, the girl Anya called Michelle S.,
she calls her daughter. The story of the appearance in your dog house, S.
told from the face of Michelle.

ВИДЕО: У Анны Семенович появился ребенок

Anna Semenovich

Photo: @ann_semenovich (Instagram Anna Semenovich)

“Hello, my name is Michelle S., — wrote Anna. —
Today is my first day in the new house, at first I was a little worried and was looking for
brother and sister, but then mom took me in your arms and I calmed down, she
I was very kind and bought me a nice soft bed and lots of toys and we
it was a long play. First mom came to pick up my sister, she
I have a rare blue color, but when I saw mom, I knew exactly what I want
to live only with her. I jumped to her pen, kissed her, looked into the eyes of
and told her I love her and want her. Then mom asked my first
the hostess my name, and when I found out that my name is Michelle, from me
kissed and said now we are together. Then I heard her
told my first employer that wanted to call their dog Michelle, I, of course,
miss my sister, but I am confident that she too will find her a good mom
after all, these things are in heaven, and my sister is very kind and gentle. I
chose a mother for love, and we are very happy together. Well, all I have to go, mom
calling to bathe, all have a good day, great bones and a lot of love.”

Michelle S.

Photo: @ann_semenovich (Instagram Anna Semenovich)