VIDEO: Anna Semenovich called himself a mother

ВИДЕО: Анна Семенович назвала себя мамой
The singer shares the news in the life of your pet.

Anna Semenovich, it seems, seriously thinking about children: true,
while practicing on his beloved dog Michelle. Periodically, the singer pleases
readers of his page in the social network stories from name of your pet, calling himself a mother. By the way, according to fans of Ani will make a wonderful, caring and
kind mother. This time ward Semenovich naughty, but much to criticize
hooliganism “mommy” did not. On the contrary, gave her the occasion and drove to the salon
beauty for dogs.

ВИДЕО: Анна Семенович назвала себя мамой

Anya Michelle

Photo: @ann_semenovich (Instagram Anna Semenovich)

“News from Michelle, — has shared Anna. — While the mother
was minding my own business, I jumped on the coffee table , where my mother before that
drinking tea with honey, and all smeared in it. Was so sticky and sweet, mom
I was not too abused, and then taken to a beauty salon. There I washed,
scratched and painted nails. I am now a true fashionista, but even I understood that
you can sometimes misbehave and get a fun and trendy manicure. All
have a nice day and a nice hooligan moments.”

Fashionista Michelle

Photo: @ann_semenovich (Instagram Anna Semenovich)

Fans of short stories “mother-daughter” from S. react
different. Someone moved by, and someone categorically denies any such relationship
between the singer and the dog.

“Beauty!”; “Beauty”; “love It!”; “What kind of mother
dogs? For this title have human babies. Speedy acquisition
the high rank of the mother!”; “Anya, baby you need, a dog is a dog, being an animal, though, and brings joy”; “the Dog is good.
However, you need your children, nature cannot be fooled,” wrote a reader to the next photo.