VIDEO: Anna Pletneva and Marina Fedunkiv got a job as a waitress

ВИДЕО: Анна Плетнева и Марина Федункив устроились официантками
Artist continue to vandalize to the delight of fans.

Anna Pletneva and Marina Fedunkiv closer to implementation
of your dreams. The heroine of the online series “Girlfriend” — the cook and the waitress presented the audience their first joint clip. In the shootings took part in Vladimir Selivanov, Dmitry Olenin and Roman
Bogdanov. The video Director Sergey Tkachenko.

Pletnev and Fedunkiv proved that
female friendship exists even in show business, and in the same river twice, you can enter.
They took about a Comedy series “Girlfriend”, which beats all records for the number
online views.

The idea for the series was real facts — a few
months ago Pletnev left the band “Vintage”, and Fedunkiv goodbye
Comedy Woman. Becoming the Directors and main characters of the Comedy mini-project on
myself, Marina and Anya in every way mocks his past and present.

In the story, after leaving the big stage with two girlfriends were in the kitchen
roadside eatery “Dream”, but they do not lose optimism and hope
back to success and glory. Her friends have a clear plan of conquest
show business: to find a sponsor-oligarch, to collect a million followers on his
the website, to record smash hit and work out more corporate events. And
whom they look up to, not on their celebrity counterparts? The best name for
he’s fictional, but just like the real thing duet — “Disconnect”. In
actually on the set Anna and Marina was faced with the problem,
yet they failed to solve.

Every take has to remove dozens of times, because
jokes causes fits of laughter from all participants in the survey. “You have to wait until
will odeesa we do, then the operators, svetovye… — complained Pletnev. Before
shooting we didn’t have a finished script, only an outline, and most of the jokes
born in the process. But it’s quite easy, you just have to speak the truth!”

Anna Pletneva and Marina Fedunkiv

Photo: PR office of Anna Pletneva