ВИДЕО: Анна Михайловская рассказала о судьбе сериала «Молодежка»
The actress has shared classified information with Catherine Velichenko.

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Anna Mikhailovskaya live 7days.ru pleased fans of the popular
series “Junior”. Answering questions of readers, the actress said that
shooting the sixth season of the movie about a team of hockey players will take place exactly.

Anna Mikhailovskaya live confirmed that it had parted ways with husband

“I’ve read a few scenes from the script — shared
actress. — The exact date of the start of filming did not know, but the fact that the project continues, aware.
The whole crew for the time so far removed the series has become one
big happy family. Moreover, the feeling that the time when filming, no, no.
When you get to the “Youth” think that you’ve been here literally
yesterday. We have a great relationship, there is even a General chat in the special program”.

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  • Anna Mikhailovskaya live confirmed that it had parted ways with husband

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