VIDEO: Anna Khilkevich surprised curvaceous

ВИДЕО: Анна Хилькевич удивила пышными формами
The actress showed what would happen if she eat too much.


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ВИДЕО: Анна Хилькевич удивила пышными формами

Everyone was asking me to eat more??here’s a look and don’t ask me anymore about it??? Cesarek: Jax Jones – You don’t know me)))

published by Anna Khilkevich, made among subscribers microblog actress
bombshell — all because the actress, who’s sexy dance
hardly recognized Anna who have recovered at least 15 pounds.

“Everyone asked me to eat more? — says the star. — Here’s a look and don’t ask for more
me about it!” However, fans of Anna could not be held. All at once understood,
which actress uses a new fun Insta-filter, which makes man in
several times thicker. “Anna, you give thin arms! Anna, you are even such
beautiful! — said members.

Meanwhile, Lee is very
carefully watching their figure. She believes that appearance is highly dependent on
what we eat and trying to eat right.

“Though not in the same
time, but at least dual carbs with proteins do not interfere with — shared star
your diet. — Beware of starchy foods, sweet, smoked and roasted,
among the prohibited foods — mayonnaise and soda”. Anya is definitely
gets on the scale and, if he sees that a little added, temporarily “trim” portion.