VIDEO: Anna Kalashnikov came out with the groom

ВИДЕО: Анна Калашникова вышла в свет с женихом
The model took part in fashion show of wedding dresses.

Anna Kalashnikov again wearing a wedding dress. Happened
it’s at the fashion show of wedding and evening dresses designer Svetlana Lyalina, which
the model took part. On the podium Anna left not one, but together with the groom, the role
played not Prokhor Chaliapin and Maxim is a leading Kritsky.

Initially, the organizers planned that Prokhorov and Anna
will participate in the show together, but then circumstances changed. Chaliapin
the day of the show was scheduled a concert in another city, and the singer was afraid not to have time
for a fitting. As a result, the Prokhorov came to the show, but only as
guest. For Anya, radiant in a wedding gown, she watched from

“On this day we were not even able to speak. Prokhor
I was sure that I did not take part in that show — shared with Anna. Later we phoned and he told me a lot
compliments. During the show I was a little sad. After all, Svetlana
Lalin has made me a real wedding dress that I was supposed to go
married to Prochorus. I remembered how I had dreamed of this day. Whatever it was, now
we have with Prokhorov wonderful friendships. But others will not. We
let go of each other. Perhaps in the future I will have other serious
relationship, but while I’m not ready for them”.

Anna Kalashnikov, Maxim Kritsky

Photo: Press service