VIDEO: Anna Banshchikova first showed six-month-old daughter

ВИДЕО: Анна Банщикова впервые показала полугодовалую дочь
Details exclusive photoshoot for the magazine “7 days”.

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About the third pregnancy of Anne of Bandicoot became known in the end
last year, when the actress appeared in an interesting position at the premiere
film with Monica Bellucci and Emir Kusturica. In March was born the daughter
Masha. But maternity leave actress was short-lived.

Banshchikova actively removed. Her character in the TV series “Bloodhound” —
Colonel criminal investigation — liked by the audience. The second season of the series already
filmed and waiting in the wings in the First channel. However, for Bandicoot these shots
were the most difficult in her career, after all, to go on the set Anna
had to be immediately after the birth of her daughter.

Anna Banshchikova dispelled rumors about ballet past

“When Masha was the month I Packed my bags and along with her
flew to work in Gelendzhik — says Banshchikova. Two and a half months
were shot there. The end of the academic year, came to me more and sons. Well
then we all went back to Moscow, and the shooting lasted for another month and a half on
the Studio, in the pavilion. I honestly was afraid to sign the contract
said the producers: “I’m almost of the hospital shall go to
shooting. But I’m not 25 years…” But I was persuaded — docile nature.
(Laughs.) Although I thought, “God, herself sign the sentence. As
to withstand?!” It turned out — it is possible”.

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