VIDEO: Ani Lorak threw a lavish party in honor of daughter

ВИДЕО: Ани Лорак закатила роскошную вечеринку в честь дочки
The singer with the spouse have celebrated the sixth anniversary of Sofia.

The other day the daughter of Ani Lorak and Murat Nalchajian was six years old. Birthday of Sofia fell on a weekday, so to celebrate it was decided next weekend. Ani gave her a lavish party, remember that the guests will probably for a long time.

To Ani to visit the star had a lot of friends with children: Philip Martin and Alla-Victoria, he is, by the way, is the godfather of the birthday girl, Alexander Revva with his wife and two daughters, Stas and Inna Mikhailov with Ivanna and Maria, and many others.

Ani Lorak with her husband, daughter Sofia and guests of the festival

Photo: @anilorak happy Instagram Ani Lorak

The animators entertained the guests with merry competitions, and at the end of the holiday all the participants went outside to release balloons into the sky. Of course, before each made a wish, which must necessarily be fulfilled. By the way, the sweetness at the bottom of the birth of a daughter Lorak replied, “king of cakes” — Renat Almazov. He, as always, has created a masterpiece.