VIDEO: Andrey Merzlikin happy holidays with their children

ВИДЕО: Андрей Мерзликин радуется каникулам своих детей
The actor went on at the last bell at school.

It is believed that grow rapidly only other people’s children. But Andrew Merzlikin and his wife Anna did not have time to know it, as their three children are
school uniform. “Well, breath! Last call this year rang!
Vacation! Fedor finished 4th “A”, Shem goes into 3rd, And the Dunya is waiting for the 1st “A”. Parents
most are happy and understand the word “vacation”… In Moscow almost ruined it may storm!”
— shared Marikina.

While these efforts are not confined to the youngest son
actor. Makar was born in January last year and the school will gather not earlier than 2022
year, when his older brother Fedor will already begin to prepare for final exams.

Andrey Merzlikin with their children

Photo: Instagram Andrew Merzlikina

Merzlikina often have to work to get away from home and he’s not
hide that really misses the family, wife Anna and children: Theodore, Seraphim,
Eudoxia and Makar. “The next flight… New place… New city… Feelings
same. Want to go home. Homesick… Really,” admits Andrew.

Movie Merzlikina sometimes you have to play negative
characters, in any case, all of his characters — strong man. And such
the recognition is a bit ruining the image of a brutal hero. But those who associate with the actor
close, know that Andrew is the ideal husband and father, caring and Thrifty. To
the same just a year ago he and his wife have a fourth child and Merzlikin
of course, I would like to spend more time with the baby. But a big family
requires large investments, so the actor is working almost seven days a week.