VIDEO: Andrey Merzlikin disclose high-profile crimes

ВИДЕО: Андрей Мерзликин раскроет громкое преступление
Exclusive details the filming of the new series on NTV.

Next week on NTV will premiere the action-Packed
drama “Trail of death”. The plot of the series is based on real events
on the highway M4 “don” in 2014. The story unfolds in a suburban town
Domodedovo. On the highway of Federal importance, the band road killers administers terror.
The criminals dropped on the pavement spikes of nails, stopping machine,
shoot motorists and mysteriously disappear. Journalists
call them “gang GTA” by analogy with the famous computer game.

The project was directed by Denis Neimand (“City special
purpose”, “the Uppercut for Hitler”). Starring in the new detective series
NTV was played by Sergei Makovetsky, Andrei Merzlikin and Agniya Kuznetsova.

Agniya Kuznetsova and Andrey Merzlikin

Photo: PR-HTB

To investigate connects the investigator of the Moscow region police Department
major Oleg Zvonarev (Andrey Merzlikin). Another murder of two pensioners in
own car has a similar handwriting. Zvonarev puts forward the theory that in this
a series of offences is governed by maniacs who stretch the tape from a homemade
metal spikes and spiders waiting for their prey to shoot them in the face. To
so they brought in the investigator SK for particularly serious crimes of Colonel
Melnikov (Sergei Makovetsky). Melnikov and Zvonarev already familiar: in the past they
worked together and between them a long unresolved conflict.

Own investigation of the terrible events begins
online blogger and former editor of the crime report Maria Korsakov (Agniya Kuznetsova). It is driven by personal motives – on the highway killed by a bullet
brother. “My character is a journalist who’s own funds, and
sometimes unscrupulous methods, tries to uncover the death of his close
person. Yes, she may lie, and to substitute, but not the villain.
Girl, actually good, its still a pity. No one else can
these characters play, but me,” talks about his role Agnes.

The series premiere of “Highway of death” will be held on NTV
17 APR 2017.