VIDEO: Anastasia Volochkova should be ashamed

ВИДЕО: Анастасия Волочкова совсем потеряла стыд
The dancer went outside in the Nude.

Volochkova can rightly be called one of the most controversial celebrities in our
show business. The photos, which she tans Nude on the beach, not
looked just lazy. But to make a video message to his fans
totally naked – this has not happened. The only item of clothing she was wearing
red uggs, and savory places scandalous star without complexes
covered fir twigs. In this form Volochkova decided to tell about his love for winter and the
bath, and to encourage Network users to follow its example. Moreover, in the hands Volochkova was still holding a large icicle. That meant
rod remained a mystery.


Volochkova blame for the sexual abuse, for the costumes of a sexual nature and
need to ban her from using social networks that children are unable
to find her page. But all in vain. More
moreover, the scandalous ballerina was invited as a special guest to participate in
one of the issues of the program “good morning, kids!”. According to Volochkova,
to work with piggy, Stepashka and the Sirloin was her longtime
dream. So she immediately agreed.