VIDEO: Anastasia Denisova proudly showed figure in a bikini

ВИДЕО: Анастасия Денисова с гордостью продемонстрировала фигуру в бикини
The star of the series “Deffchonki” responded to the criticism of fans.

Anastasia Denisova, known for the role of Katie Schwimmer (Palny) in the popular TV series “Deffchonki”, has a beautiful shape and very proud of them. But picky detractors criticize the appearance of the actress. The other day he climbed another wave of criticism of “too full-figured” Denisova. In response to angry comments Anastasia released a video in which with pride, and the envy of many spiteful critics, showed a magnificent figure.

“For all fans to discuss my
shape: what’s my real size, looks bloated or too much
photoshop and so on… Now I wear a size 44, my height is 162 cm. — admitted Denisov. — Taking into account big Breasts, pick up sometimes the top half a size bigger to comfortably
was. And yeah, I’m now sitting on a diet and a healthy lifestyle, I just work a lot
and happy! I taught myself to swing “nut” (the ass) daily
squats, just want to “be there” — walnut! I love the way I
look! Harmony! Says one of my character: “I love and accept
yourself what this is!” And most importantly, it’s his opinion!”

Anastasia Denisova

Photo: @anastasiyadenisovafilm Instagram Anastasia Denisova