VIDEO: Alla Pugacheva had to change the name

ВИДЕО: Алле Пугачевой пришлось сменить имя
Topic of the day: why the star started a new account on the social network.

On the Internet dozens of profiles of Alla Pugacheva, but
yesterday, real was only one account in Instagram. But apparently, because of the attacks
hackers the star had to change it. Now the only official account
Alla is @alla_orfey. While it is only one
photo and one video (swim lesson a three year old Lisa, the daughter
Diva), but tens of thousands

Many stars have confirmed the authenticity of the new
account Pugacheva, including her inner circle: Maxim Galkin, Christina
Orbakajte, Phillip Kirkorov.

Joined in promoting the new superstars page and Julia
Proskuryakov. The wife of Igor Nikolaev even posted a screenshot of correspondence with Alla
Borisovna in which the Diva has confirmed that she is indeed back
in Instagram under a different name.

Correspondence with Yulia Proskuryakova and Alla Pugacheva