ВИДЕО: Алла Михеева устроила девичник в Дубае
The presenter organized a memorable party for his 28th birthday.

Alla Mikheeva recently took a small break from work and flew with her to the vacation. The reason for the unscheduled trip to warmer climes was the birthday of the star of the show “Evening Urgant”. The TV presenter was having a hen party in Dubai, which seems to be long remembered by the participants of the ceremony.

Alla Mikheeva with friends

Photo: @Instagram allamikheeva Alla Mikheeva

The evening of Alla began at the restaurant, and ended early in the morning at one of the local establishments. Judging by microblog, Mikheeva with friends frolicked the night away. In social networks was published video of the party that captured the performances at the festival of TV stars.

Incidentally, rumour has it that Allah did not just call the party on the occasion of the birthday party — “bachelorette party”. Some fans of the TV presenter suggested that the earth is going to soon get married. That’s just about her potential groom yet, little is known. Alla regularly publishes photos of lavish gifts from her boyfriend, but the boyfriend’s identity has not been disclosed.