VIDEO: Alisa Freundlich is preparing for the wedding

ВИДЕО: Алиса Фрейндлих готовится к свадьбе
This weekend, the beloved granddaughter of legendary actress Anna go down the aisle.

ВИДЕО: Алиса Фрейндлих готовится к свадьбе

Anna Tarasova, Alisa Freindlich

Photo: Instagram

Alisa Freundlich Brunovna counting the days
one of the happiest events in his life. This weekend — 12
August in Saint Petersburg, her beloved granddaughter — producer Anna Tarasova
— combined by marriage with the actor Alexey Mushinski. Lovers filed
an application to the Registrar in June. It is interesting that the registration will pass without any extra
officialdom. According to Tarasova, they with Alex deliberately chose the most
ugly and inconveniently located ZAGS. “A stamp in the passport for us
formality, — has shared Anna. — A real fairy tale, a wedding reception,
will be held on Monday, August 14”.

Anna Tarasova and Alexei Mushinski

Photo: Instagram

On the eve of the celebration Tarasova arranged
fun and noisy bachelorette party, for which ordered an outfit similar to wedding
dress. The girl was dressed in a lush pink skirt and white top, and her hair adorned with a veil.
The bachelorette party was held in St. Petersburg karaoke club.

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With Myshinsky Tarasova already found
for a few years. Offer the hand and heart of 23-year-old artist did two years ago
during a vacation in the Dominican Republic, but becoming a bride and a groom, the young men did not
to rush things, and to plan an unforgettable wedding. And, as lovers
was determined not to resort to material aid for relatives, money for
the party they collected only this year.