VIDEO: Alexander Petrov made a gift to the millionaire

ВИДЕО: Александр Петров сделал подарок миллионерше
The actor is pleased with the strange girl from Ekaterinburg.

ВИДЕО: Александр Петров сделал подарок миллионерше

Alexander Petrov

Credit: courtesy of the organizers (Mikhail Ryzhkov)

Alexander Petrov, who played a major role in the film “Gogol. The beginning,” has prepared gifts and greeting for the one millionth viewer of this mystical Thriller. They became Svetlana Ignatieva from Yekaterinburg: “Buy a ticket for the evening session, and come to me some people and congratulations! I’ve only in the movies

Thank you very much for the congratulations from Director Egor Baranov and from the contractor
the main role of Alexander Petrov. We
a friend came to look at Petrov because we love it. I read a long time
about “Gogol” in his interview, but was able to get out to the movies
only here now. I love Gogol, all he read. But “Evenings on a farm near
Dikanka” love particularly. Of course I imagined is not the same as
she’s shown in the trailer. But more interesting to look at herself in the movies.”

Alexander Petrov in the series “Gogol”

Photo: courtesy TV-3

In videoprivate Petrov said: “Congratulations to Svetlana! You become the one millionth viewer of a great movie
Gogol. The beginning. What does it mean? I think at least it says that
good luck to you. This is a good sign! Thank you, watched a film,
we have invested a huge amount of energy, something personal,
internal. This is all given to you, the audience, and millions of spectators — in
features. I congratulate you heartily!”