VIDEO: ALEKSEEV saved his beloved from death

ВИДЕО: ALEKSEEV спас любимую от гибели
The musician had to show superpowers.

Video for the song “Oceans of steel” singer ALEKSEEV and Director
clip Alan Badoev called blockbuster on motives of a mystical dream. Musician
need to find in 60 seconds and to save his girlfriend, which is under the water. In
the plot — the story of the people of Indigo.

“A few days before filming I had a dream that I go by
the corridor and open the eye door, many doors. I woke up to the fact that
the room door opened. But at home I was alone! recalls ALEKSEEV. Something
the feeling when you don’t understand, it’s still a dream or already a reality, the fine line between
two worlds. The same day I told this story to Alan, and he was born
the idea of the video”.

Heroes video ALEKSEEV and his girl — extraordinary
the people of Indigo, locked in a special Institute. Young people have the power, with
through which they can escape to freedom. But first they have a challenge:
to prove his most important superpower, which is given not to everyone —
the ability to truly love.

Alan Badoev

Photo: press service

This is the third collaboration of musician and producer Alan
Badoev on the songs from the debut album “sun Drunk”.