VIDEO: Agutin Varum reunited after the scandal

ВИДЕО: Агутин и Варум воссоединились после скандала
In the Wake of rumors about divorce of star pair boasts a family idyll.

Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin, contrary to rumors about difficulties in relationships, demonstrate the family idyll. In may the singer was 48 years old. Varum modestly celebrated a week after day “x” to the party were invited only some of the best friends of the actress and, of course, beloved husband.

Photo: @agutinleonid Instagram Leonid Agutin

Short video from the private party were provided by Natalia Podolskaya caught up with her husband Vladimir Presnyakov among the guests. Angelica and Leonid, who not long ago gave rise to rumors of divorce, looked incredibly happy together.

To the delight of many fans, news of the alleged incident between Agutin and Varum conflict was a bit exaggerated. In April at one of the gigs in Ulyanovsk wife, according to witnesses, a fight on stage before the assembled audience and almost disrupted the performance. Detractors then immediately predicted the imminent breakup pair. However, this appears not to have happened.

Incidentally, the birthday of Leonid published a touching poem of his own composition, dedicated to his beloved wife.