ВИДЕО: Аглая Тарасова и Милош Бикович «оторвались» на свадьбе в Сербии
The actor introduced his beloved with your best friends.

In relationships of Aglaia Tarasova and miloš Bykowicz was a turning point. On the eve of the lovers went to the home for the stars of the TV series “Hotel Eleon” Serbia.

Aglaia Tarasova and Milos Bikovich other

Photo: @Instagram bikovic Milos Bikovich

In Belgrade at the wedding of close friends of the actor, Aglaia was a kind of initiation into a culture where he was brought up Milos. The triumph gave Bykowicz great excuse to introduce all the most important people in his life with his beloved. Before the wedding Tarasov was presented to all friends and relatives of the actor.

By the way, the day before Aglaya “lit” in Moscow at another wedding. Tarasova was invited to the wedding of Svetlana Ustinova and Ilya Stewart. However, there Aglaya came without Milos, who was probably busy at the time preparing a celebration for friends.

Recall that the novel Tarasova and Bykowicz was started last summer. But the stars are at first carefully concealed feelings for each other from the public. Only recently the lovers stopped “encrypt”.