VIDEO: Agata muceniece for her husband changed her image

ВИДЕО: Агата Муцениеце ради мужа изменила имидж
Pavel Priluchny got an unusual surprise from his wife.

Agata muceniece Paul made Prilichnom original surprise. Actress, the blonde with the experience, went on to experiment and dyed her hair pink. She did this, judging by the comments, to please a spouse. Paul himself in an unexpected act was greatly surprised, but still satisfied.

Agata Muceniece

Photo: @Instagram agataagata Agatha muceniece

But fans of Agatha was not pleased with the change in her appearance. Many people think that a new shade of hair is not very fit 28-year-old actress. “What a horrible color… very Old!”, “It immediately became older than 10 years, maybe even more!” “Not really…” — write disgruntled fans. Fortunately, Agatha confessed that he used a temporary dye that will wash off soon: “don’t worry, it’s coming off!” — reassured fans of the actress.

This, incidentally, is not the first incident, a change in the way Agatha for the last time. Recently she started creating the “perfect smile”. She appealed for help to the dentist who fitted her veneers.