Video: 9-year-old boy saved brother’s baby

Видео: 9-летний мальчик спас брата-младенца

Lucky – thanks to the reaction of the elder brother younger remained unharmed.

Tila Levi, the mother of five children from the American Florida must be thankful to God and all the saints intercessors. She had only a second to turn away from 11-month-old son Eitan as he decided to go “walk”, which left the changing table. A hard landing, which could lead to tragic consequences – the height was considerable, prevented the elder brother, 9-year-old Joseph, who literally jumped and caught the younger brother. The incident was captured on a home camera, the video became viral after tila posted it on Facebook, gathering more than 50 million views.

“Of course, this is not the moment that I’m proud of as a mom, but I wanted to show how important it is to be ever vigilant with young children – I only turned my back for a second to his son, who was doing homework in order to say that will help him as soon as swaddle baby”, – said tila’s edition of Us Weekly.

By the way, the problem is really serious – according to statistics, in America, with injuries caused by falls from changing tables, every year the hospital treated about 3,500 mothers with children.