VIDEO: 41-year-old girlfriend of Roman Abramovich is expecting a baby!

ВИДЕО: 41-летняя подруга Романа Абрамовича ждет ребенка!
The famous ballerina Diana Vishneva is preparing for the birth of the first child.

Roman Abramovich and Diana Vishneva

Diana Vishneva, a novel which has been called one of the possible reasons for the parting of the Novel
Abramovich Daria Zhukova, waiting for the firstborn. It became known that the 41-year-old ballerina will become a mother soon. Network
there is information that the star of the ballet pregnant by her husband Konstantin
Silinevica. A week ago, the star decided not to act on their own
the festival, explaining the strong recommendations of doctors.

These days the festival “Context. Diana
Vishneva,” but Diana, which was engaged in the organization of this event, not
is going to take part in it. About this prima said in his Instagram. “As you know, a true artist will take the stage in any
condition, even half-dead. It is unlikely that any stop. But this
my current physical condition and, finally, a strong recommendation
doctors do not allow me to perform at the festival as an artist,” wrote

Itself Diana the reasoning of fans about her pregnancy no comment. But for video, published in the official microblogging
the festival is noticeable how different the figure of the prima ballerina of the Mariinsky

The first day of the festival Context. Diana Vishneva in St. Petersburg ended: Diana Vishneva @dianavishneva watched the performances and congratulated the participants of the Evening of young choreographers! • #contextfest • The first day of the Context.Diana Vishneva festival in St. Petersburg has come to an end: Diana watched the dance pieces performed at the Evening of Young Choreographers, and congratulated the participants!

A post shared by CONTEXT. Diana Vishneva (@context.diana_vishneva) on Nov 16, 2017 at 12:47pm PST

interest of Roman Abramovich to the star ballet gossip has long been noted.
It was reported that they met at a private party. Diana so admired
the owner of FC “Chelsea”, he even sponsored (know about it authentically)
her own large-scale project — the international festival of contemporary

One is not particularly troubled by the fact that
Novel at the time, was connected by marriage, and Diana is also proprietary. It came out
married 4 years ago for producer Konstantin Salinovich, with which it is linked
a long-term relationship. Elegant wedding ceremony took place on the Hawaiian
Islands and friends of the couple claim that Diana and Konstantin still represent
an example for all couples!