Victory Day Alsu remembered my main Character

В День Победы Алсу вспомнила свою главную Героиню
The singer is thankful for grandma.

В День Победы Алсу вспомнила свою главную Героиню

Mina Lazarevna daughters Alsou

Photo: @Instagram alsou_a Alsu

For the singer Alsu, and to
all Russians Victory Day Is a Great day. The singer, along with children each year, carefully prepare for this holiday. Unfortunately, the main Character of the family of the artist — grandma Mina
Lazarevna a few months ago passed away at the age of 90. Despite this
sad event, children Alsu will still continue every year to congratulate
veterans and remembering their heroism.

“We are always prepared
the whole family is special to this day. And this year, and all subsequent, not
will be no exception. For the first time will celebrate the Victory without our main
Heroine… I’m thankful that my girls was and is such
The great-grandmother. It is his example every day taught them what
respect, compassion, and true, devoted love. Every night before bed
they were with her on the sly. Shared all the most intimate. On the eve of
holiday girls are particularly asked Grandmother to tell again and again about
the soldiers, on the days of the war, as a met Victory Day… And I watched from
the parties and thanked the Almighty that her daughter literally hung on her every
the word… Until his last minutes, she remembered everyone who passed these
the terrible years of testing. And here again we are waiting for this very important date in the family
the calendar… I Miss very much and remember all that was said and taught us
our Grandmother!” — Alsu wrote in his microblog. Recall that Mines
The Lazarevna — grandmother wife of the singer did not become, three days after
the celebration of her 90th birthday. Earlier Alsu told me that grandmother went to
the front in 17 years, attributing itself once a year.

Alsu daughters Safina and Micelli

Photo: Philip Goncharov

She Alsu is now in the fourth month of pregnancy. The singer has already started to prepare to leave: “this year has just started to exercise. Pilates, fitness. Try to eat a harmless meal”. Recall that the singer Alsu with her husband Jan Abramov has two daughters: 9-year-old Safina and 7-year-old Miquelle. The couple recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of joint life.

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