Викторияю Ланевскую довели до слёз в День Рождения
On 13 June, the singer and actress Victoria Ranevskaya celebrated his Birthday.

Викторияю Ланевскую довели до слёз в День Рождения

The weather that day was not very festive and summer as used the girl, but the mood of the actress was great and the rainbow from early morning until late at night.

Викторияю Ланевскую довели до слёз в День Рождения

“Every year, my family celebrated my Birthday outside the city in the suburbs, but this time due to weather conditions had to cancel our planned vacation, but it doesn’t overshadow the whole day. In the morning my mother heard the greeting for me on one of capital radio stations, and then pleasant words and wishes were poured into the tables of orders by day and night, and when we decided to go on a family walk together with us and the sun!

To me so dear and precious were those moments that I couldn’t hold back the tears of happiness, because to hear their songs that people like in your Birthday on the radio in the company of your family – priceless! Thank you, my dear listeners, to each of you for the fact that I still can’t read messages in social networks, because their incredible number, and it means that we are on the right track and I will continue to delight the audience with their new projects!”

– told the birthday girl.

Congratulations to Victoria and want to have more hits and inspiration!

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