Victoria’s Secret harshly criticized because of the list of the sexiest stars

Victoria’s Secret жестко раскритиковали из-за списка самых сексуальных звезд

Traditionally, from year to year, lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret publishes a list of “What is sexy”, where in each category that is a great example of a celebrity. This year was no exception and the company again presented the “most sexy”.

So, the sexiest singer this year was recognized as Lady Gaga. Sexiest actress Mandy Moore.

For “sexiest outfit from the red carpet” noted Priyanka Chopra and “sexiest street style,” according to the experts the Victoria’s Secret shows the star of “X-Men: Apocalypse” Olivia Munn.

Victoria justice was awarded for the sexiest smile, Chrissy Teigen – as the most sexual of the author, and Billy Lourdes – for the sexual sense of humor.

Great honor, the brand has had Taylor swift, calling her not just the sexiest female singer and sexiest representative of the entertainment industry in General.

Australian actress Margot Robbie, the experts did not consider it necessary to look for one thing sexy. It was recognized as simply “forever sexiest”.

Seemingly innocuous list, where each of the girls, the company tried to make nice. But there it was: the stars that didn’t get him criticized the very idea of this rating and found something to complain about. The company was accused of racism: of the 18 women who came to the new list, 13 are white, and all are considered slim. According to many, this discrimination, which in modern society should not be.

Note that VS is not the first brand that just due to the rich imagination of the users of the network be criticized: in 2016, the company Gap was criticized for “racist” ads and Dolce & Gabbana has been criticized for “slave sandals”.