Victoria’s Secret apologized to Cara Delevingne

Victoria’s Secret извинились перед Карой Делевинь

The company Victoria’s Secret officially apologized to Kara Delevin for the publication of tabloid The Sun and invited the model to show in Paris.

In 2012 and 2013, Cara Delevingne (Cara Delevingne) has participated in the show of Victoria’s Secret, but in the next two years among the “angels” didn’t. Tabloid the Sun said that the model allegedly has not passed the annual audition, because the leadership of the show deemed her figure “bloated”. Later this material was removed from the website edition.

Representatives of Victoria’s Secret felt it necessary to apologize to Cara Delevingne. The show’s producer Edward Razek (Edward Razek) wrote her an official letter that Cara posted on instagram:

it’s shameless to discuss women’s bodies just to sell papers #bloated @victoriassecret

A photo posted by Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne) Nov 4 2016 4:16 PDT

“Dear Kara!

Victoria’s Secret rarely commented on the materials of the tabloids, but the article of the British newspaper the Sun concerning you and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014 — completely fabricated.

Contrary to the Sun, which they didn’t even bother to check me, Victoria’s Secret has done everything to get you on our show in London. I know this because I personally dealt with this issue. In fact, you were the first person in the list, many months before everyone else. The casting, on which was projected The Sun’s disparaging comments, was not even. There was no casting at all. You’ve already been approved. The only reason you were not able to join us — this is a movie shoot in North Carolina. You just could not attend.

We tried very hard to get you in the show. You would have done it better, doing better all take part. So let me invite you again. If you’re free on November 30, please join us in Paris. As always, we wish you were with us. In casting there is no need!

With love and respect, Edward Razek”.

The letter was accompanied by Cara Delevingne with the caption: “I’m Ashamed to discuss the female body for the sake of newspaper sales”.

If Delevingne will take part in the Paris show, is still unknown.

A preliminary list of models who will take to the podium a Large Palace, is already known, but officially participating in the show Victoris”s Secret hasn’t been announced yet.