Victoria’s mother lopyrevoy complained of loneliness

Мама Виктории Лопыревой пожаловалась на одиночество Irina is tired of this lifestyle. The woman admitted that most of the time spends on travel, so she had no opportunity to build a loving relationship. According to her, it is this rhythm – the real test for love.

      Мама Виктории Лопыревой пожаловалась на одиночество

      Mother is a famous model of Victoria Lopyreva Irina does not look his age. 57-year-old woman was often seen as a sister to her daughter and the social network users can not stop admiring her fresh and blooming. According to relatives, she never did plastic surgery, and just trying to monitor the condition of the skin, eats right, and does what she is interested in.

      Because of this active lifestyle Irina can’t find happiness, because it is difficult to build relationships with members of the opposite sex. According to her, she is constantly on the move, making it difficult to find love. However, Lopyreva eyeing smart and passionate men, but have not yet opted for one.

      “The last few years the question of where you are now, often say, at the airport, on the plane. This rhythm is a serious test for relations. But I have to many things learnt to be philosophical and find a good even where it is a priori impossible to find” – said Lopyreva.

      When mother and daughter are in the same city, they try to spend time together. Both women are very interested in fashion and outfits. Irina likes to relax with his family.

      “When she and I in Moscow, see each other every day. But if fly apart, still connected, even if located in different time zones. I often remember the first time back in the late 90s , long broke up with his daughter flew on a business internship in America. The time difference is 9 hours, in Rostov early in the morning, and I still have the evening and Vice versa. Still, every day we had to communicate with her daughter. She told me everything that happened,” recalled the mother of the model.

      Irina Lopyreva spends his time Hiking, listening to favorite music, and recently became interested in painting. The woman admits that is already thinking about what to do in old age.

      “I would like to try yourself in the role of grandmother of many grandchildren. And yet imagine myself planting flowers in the evenings playing the piano, cooking delicious meals – sure – traveller. Old age open a little cafe for regular visitors and will give them flowers from their own garden,” – said Irina edition of “the Notebook”.