Victoria’s mother Bonnie told about the disappearance of the eldest daughter

Мать Виктории Бони рассказала о пропаже старшей дочери

Already a week and a half Victoria Bonya tries to find out what happened to her older sister. While searches do not give results.

23rd APR older sister of Kim and disappeared. Attempts by relatives to find 38-year-old angelina was not successful, it was decided to contact the police.

At the moment law enforcement authorities are considering the option that angelina could go to work in Anapa. However, as my mother says women, all documents left at home, because this is not an option.

Everything as it was, said Galina Bonia: “We talked on WhatsApp, she told me that is in the movie. And I had to go back — I was at my sister’s. The key she had to leave me on watch. I go back and key on the watch no. In the end, I went back to my sister. I tried with angelina to get in touch, sent messages, tried to call but she was unavailable.”


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