Victoria Tolstoganova picked up the gun

Виктория Толстоганова взяла в руки ружье
4 September on NTV starts a new series with the actress.

Виктория Толстоганова взяла в руки ружье

Victoria Tolstoganova

Photo: Press-service of NTV

4th September in the air
NTV will premiere the action-Packed drama production center
Pavel Lungin “the policeman’s Wife”. The main role in the film played
the winner of the prize “Golden eagle” Victoria Tolstoganova and honored artist
Vitaly Kishchenko.

The story revolves around a family Walecka. Lera — happy
a housewife, entirely devoted herself to her children and beloved wife to Victor
(Vitaly Kishchenko), major of police. But what if she will learn that her
husband is not who he says he is? Illicit Affairs and a double life
to see the true face of a loved one Lera helps the young operative Gleb
Meanings (Stanislav Belyaev). The long-term marriage suddenly collapses. Now they
will have to decide whether they are ready to be a family and whether together
to confront gangs — friends from a past life Victor.

“The character I play is quite far from me, and
I tried to understand and love. It is certainly strange… for the First time
reading the script, I caught myself thinking that I often want to kill
(smiles). You know, there are women, and my heroine is one of them.
When working on the way I tried not to miss this moment and remember first
the impression she made on me. However, with its tediousness,
perseverance and sometimes even obsession that was easy (smiles).
However, my heroine is a naive, open, honest… in short, I tried
make it different – a mixed, three-dimensional, live”, — told
about his role Victoria Tolstoganova, who during the filming of the movie for the first time
had to pick up the gun.

The shooting of the series “COP’s Wife”

Photo: press-service of NTV