Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь» TV presenter and actress shared memories and talked about what members of the opposite sex she likes. According to Victoria Tarasova, she wouldn’t want to meet with a colleague at the scene. In an interview with “StarHit” the star of the series “Capercaillie” to speculate about happiness and admitted weaknesses.
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»

Victoria Tarasova known to many viewers for the role of major justice in the TV series “Capercaillie”. In addition to acting activities, the woman leads the program “Beauty in Russian”, the creators of which help to correct the characters flaws in appearance that prevent them to live, and also error plastic surgeons. The star told “StarHit” about how she always tries to look gorgeous, but also admitted that any male could be chosen. Despite the setbacks with the opposite sex, celebrity considers himself a truly happy man.

You were born in a creative family, at what age I realized that you wanted to become an actress?
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»In the senior classes. Mom determined my future profession. She said that I have a good voice, and the figure right. Thank you for this dance. In her opinion, I had to go to drama school, I did not resist. —
Supported your parents, or, conversely, were forced to work even more? How was the relationship with mom and dad?
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»I love the work, so parents wouldn’t have to force me to do something. In addition, the dance taught me discipline. When doing something like this is not a job but a hobby that brings money. You have the whole day to work hard and feel fatigue only late in the evening, crashing on the bed. My life is work in a fun. Naturally, parents have always supported me, we have a great relationship. Before they helped me, now I take care of my mother. We are very close. —
What are the difficulties encountered on the path to glory?
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»I later became quite famous. Popularity did not come to me in my younger years. Naturally, I was worried, but now happy that my parents were always there. Without their support it would be much harder.—
Why accepted the offer to lead the project “Beauty in Russian?”
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»In the transmission there is no script, it’s reportage style you can freely communicate with lugemik. Many blindly believe that to be beautiful means to be successful! They admire popular Instagram models and Actresses do not hide forms, which they were awarded plastic surgeons. Of course, ordinary women, seeing these photos-beauties, too, want to be successful, and, as I said, in the modern world imposed stereotype that popularity is equal to the beauty and number of “likes” for the pictures in the social network. And women start to think: “something my chest is not so big, and the nose thin, here is my look like that girl from the cover of a glossy magazine, and I’m definitely happy and will gain a million fans.” In this case, the girl fell into the trap of the beauty industry. However, people are often faced with incompetent masters and charlatans, which get poor results – the mutilated bodies and the crippled destinies. And it does not depend on the amount spent on the services of a specialist. We have participated in the project a woman who paid 500 000 for breast augmentation! In result implants sagged, they literally “walked” inside the skin, and under them accumulate fluid. The project helps so unfortunate victims of the sculptures and the people who really need the help of a surgeon. —
Would you like to change something about your appearance? Do we use the services of beauticians?
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»While doing nothing. To be honest, a little afraid. But thoughts, of course. For example, you want to decide on blepharoplasty. But there is no time for the recovery period after it – constantly touring, stage performances, shooting. I need to look fresh and attractive. While saving visits to the beautician: injections of vitamin cocktails. But, unfortunately, we are not getting any younger, and I understand that in the future will have to enlist the help of a plastic surgeon.—
How you care for yourself?
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»In addition to vitamin cocktails, I stick to a proper diet and exercise. Well, of course, even in our frenzied world, you need to try not to be nervous and to relax. Not to party the night away, and spending time outdoors, active rest, or, conversely, peacefully lying in a deck chair with a good book. And though I have a crazy work schedule, I still try to carve out at least 15 minutes of peace and tranquility. Stress destroys the body ages the hardest. So try the “no steam” and, if possible, a good night’s sleep.

Do you have days when you don’t like yourself? How to fight a bad mood?
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»I think that such moments appeared, to free time for navel gazing. I haven’t had in about nine years. If I’m not filming or touring, you can always find other things to do. The family also needs attention. Of course, as we all have troubles, but then again, when mode is set to “on”, everything feels much easier and simpler. Because regardless of whether I like myself or not – must work! —
You were once married and then faced the betrayal of a spouse. As you have suffered a breakup, because you were a little baby? Who helped?
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»Of course, it was the closest people are my parents. When there is such solid support, it is possible to make a lot. I don’t think the separation is a tragedy. Here is the death of a loved one much harder to survive. Especially when he’s your crutch. Here the father’s death was and is for me a big tragedy. And the separation is… People converge, diverge, it is fixable. If you want suddenly to see you again, I always can do it. And deceased loved ones did not return.
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»
Why so and not married again? Disappointed in family life? Or don’t trust men?
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»I don’t have time. The last nine years, I work hard, doing the “Grouse” and “Pyatnitskoye”, playing in performances, do charity work, and free time to devote to his son and mother. On dates sometimes go, but until the Prince rode. —
You’ve had times when I wanted to give up, give up? When you do not know how to feed son?
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»Of course, like all normal people. When dad died, hands down not just because of the fact that it is now there, and also because everyone got time on my shoulders. I thought: now I am completely alone in the world. Couldn’t figure out what to do next? When dad was alive, you could always ask him for advice. And all of a sudden anymore. You’re like a balloon fly away and be alone to hang in the air flow. The betrayal of men to survive thousands of times easier than the death of his father.

Your son is now 19, he, undoubtedly, need male support. Who to turn to Daniel for advice?
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»Well, it so happens that since the birth of my son and mom and dad. We are very close, even when my work schedule a long time not seeing each other, still always connected via mobile messengers. If he wants advice, then of course I will always help. On male issues, he consults with his friends. The son is a sociable guy, he has a lot of friends, so advisers enough. —
What does Daniel? Does he have a girlfriend?
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»Son is studying in the Institute. Like most guys, he enjoys cars, motorcycles, computers. He has a girlfriend, she’s from a good family. Approve of his choice.—
What man can gain your location? What he needs to do to conquer you?
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»Something! I appreciate in men not words, but deeds. You need to care for them. I am a single woman, I need help. Any song with a guitar and a bouquet of buttercups, and five pounds of potatoes. The man need to bring her here, to raise the bag to my apartment, so I don’t have to drag. At least like this to begin with. It is a good male action, not idle talk.—
Did you ever have Affairs with colleagues on the site?
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»Don’t want to offend colleagues, but the men in powder and makeup, I somehow do not attract. Maybe it’s because I caught the nineties, like normal, brutal men, but not in wigs and tights. Even the actors are very unstable: neither work, nor psychologically, nor in the family. They are windy, and I’m a terrible owner! —
Can you say that you are a happy person?
Виктория Тарасова: «Я одинокая женщина, мне нужна помощь»Yes. I could call myself happy. I have a family, grows a wonderful son. My favorite mom will always support. We are all healthy, there is no reason to be sad. This is happiness, even despite the lack of privacy. It will come with time.