Victoria talyshinskaya told about life on the ruble

Виктория Талышинская рассказала о жизни на Рублевке A few months ago, the artist first became a mother. That is why all her spare time, she tries to spend at home, where after work waiting for her baby. Talyshinskaya shared details of life in Nikolina Gora.

      More recently, together with Victoria and her husband restorer Ivan Salahov in a country house on Rublevo-Uspenskoye shosse lives and newborn daughter Varvara. Singer happy to be a mother and tries to give heir attention to the maximum. With the advent of the crumbs, she began to spend more time with family and to appreciate the delights of life in the village.

      “Life at Nikolina Gora, first of all, very detached. Neighbors as we walk more often on their sites. But walking here enough! We conduct an active way, so to be in free time with family much more interesting. Of course, we know a lot, but not much. Very warm relationships we have developed with Vera Glagoleva. In life at Nikolina Gora the main plus air. Around because the forest pine. The only disadvantage of living outside the city to get to Moscow you need to spend at least an hour, but everything else is quite convenient and comfortable,” said talyshinskaya.

      In addition to sessions with Varya, Victoria manages to devote time to the work. Despite the very young age of the daughter, the artist is not afraid to leave without parent supervision.

      “If I have to go out to the shooting or a concert, we fortunately have an awesome nanny that I absolutely trust. This is a person with a medical background and extensive experience working with young children. Her us husband highly recommended. We met with the future nanny via Skype from Miami. Contacted and talked – we liked it and we never regretted it. I am very grateful to our nanny for all the love and great attitude to my daughter”.

      Interestingly, even being in the position of Victoria is actively engaged in the work, moving from one shooting to another. So, the video for the song “don’t cry” singer was recorded, being the eighth month of pregnancy. In the decree it took only a few weeks before the birth, courageously proceeding all tour.

      The duet “Nepara”: “Vick had half a second to accept my offer”

      “For example, shortly before departure to Miami, where I was born, my daughter, Alexander, show managed to fly to a concert in nice, to record a new song, shoot a music video I starred in two photo shoots… So I can’t even call it to maternity leave. Besides, from Miami home to Moscow we arrived on 2 December and 3 December we have a concert”, – said the woman with the “TV Program”.