Victoria talyshinskaya hides the face of a child

Виктория Талышинская скрывает лицо ребенка
Last fall, Victoria talyshinskaya, the star of the group “Nepara”, became mother of a baby girl Barbara.

Виктория Талышинская скрывает лицо ребенка

The birth took place in an American clinic.

Victoria says that throughout pregnancy felt fine, so the doctor was allowed to Board a plane for a longer period.

Виктория Талышинская скрывает лицо ребенка

And with the decree the girl was in no hurry, took part in the concerts, being in the last stages of pregnancy.

After delivery, nobody has been able to see the faces of the baby as the parents try not to show it to journalists.

“I don’t want to show her face. Think this is unnecessary. When you grow up, will decide: to be a public person or not! Daughter makes us happy. Although the first time it was quite hard, especially when flown in from Miami. The baby was brought down the regime. Occasionally she confused day and night. One day I slept in until eight o’clock in the morning – it’s our record. Now, thank God, the regime was adjusted. Falls asleep at 11 o’clock and wakes up at 9-10 am”, says talyshinskaya.

I believe that a career is a career, but for a child just requires the presence of the mother.

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