Victoria talyshinskaya does not dare to show the face of a child

Виктория Талышинская не решается показать лицо ребенка The soloist “Nepara” explained why he tries to protect her daughter from the attention. The baby was born in the autumn of last year, however, Victoria still has not showed looks like a girl.

      The star of the duet “Nepara” Victoria talyshinskaya enjoying motherhood. In October of last year her daughter was born a barbarian. The baby was born in one of the American clinics. According to the artist, the entire pregnancy was perfect, so the doctor allowed her to travel overseas. Besides, for nine months the woman gave concerts and went on tours with the band.

      Back in Russia, talyshinskaya, her husband Ivan and the little barbarian finally settled in the house with protected territory on the ruble. The singer doesn’t like to let extra people to his guests, and tries not to show the photos in social networks, looks like a girl.

      The soloist of group “Nepara” for the first time talked about her daughter

      “I don’t want to show her face. Think this is unnecessary. When you grow up, will decide: to be a public person or not! Daughter makes us happy. Although the first time it was quite hard, especially when flown in from Miami. The baby was brought down the regime. Occasionally she confused day and night. One day I slept in until eight o’clock in the morning – it’s our record. Now, thank God, the regime was adjusted. Falls asleep at 11 o’clock and wakes up at 9-10 am”, – told Victoria about the education of the barbarians.

      However, the appearance of the baby changed the lives of Talishinskiy. She no longer go on long tours. When Victoria is at concerts, with Varya looked after dad, grandma and nanny. The singer constantly worries, making it a vital daughter. “Peace and mind after birth, of course, overturned. New world completely,” admitted the singer.

      Partner in the duet “Nepara” Alexander Shoua were sympathetic to the situation. Says talyshinskaya, a colleague was very happy when I learned that she became a mother.

      “Everyone is a little worried for a little break, which I was forced to take. During this time he worked independently. By the way, many people think we live together. I read strange comments even after the baby is born. Under our photo, my husband men once wrote: “How pitiful that you are not Sasha”. But we are together only on stage, and no more. We have a great tandem,” explained performer “the Source”.